Evaluation Software Comparison


Eval NSP 4

Evaluation version 4

Eval 5

Evaluation version 5

Types of Analysis included
Traditional analysis identifying stressed
physiological system

The Traditional analysis and a New Simplified analysis are both included. The Simplified analysis was introduced at the fall 2004 Nature's Sunshine Conference


Stress Indicators for Traditional Analysis

A single total Stress value is calculated and displayed for each physiological system.
Contributions for each of 3 terrain factors
(pH, rH2 and r) are show in bar graph form for each physiological system. This helps the practitioner choose the most optimal remedy plan.


Recommendation Generation

Software automatically creates plan and inserts
default remedy recommendations.
User's can change remedies and notes, but any changes get overwritten with default remedies and notes if test is re-analyzed.

Recommendations are shown for user to select to be included in plan. General notes and notes for each individual remedy can be added. Software never modifies the remedies or notes that the practitioner enters..  
Types of Recommendations included

Nature's Sunshine Products only
for Standard version.
Generic products only for
Professional version.

Both Nature's Sunshine and Generic products are included in both versions now, TEC and other remedy lines will be available soon.

Remedy Customization

Users can type in any remedy name, but it does not become part of the remedy database. Cannot change dosages in product database.

Easily add or change remedies, dosages and recommendations.  
Instructions or notes for each remedy
All notes are collected into one large note field.
Notes are kept separate and printed with each remedy so clients can follow them more easily

Print Preview

Can only see the first page of each section, no zoom, limited print controls

Full print preview, zoom in and out, read each page, export report as PDF file so it can be emailed.


Print Options

Controls only for report content.
Various new print options added including page margins, more report content options and control over headings on each page.


Spanish Language

No Spanish Documentation and Spanish Report option
(partially completed at this time)

Print Address Labels for Clients

No Yes  
Reference Documentation
Read Evaluation text for
current test results only.

All evalution text and explanations for test results are available through hyperlinks or as online documents to read at any time.

User Interface

Updated for simpler operation, hyperlinks to reference documentation.



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