Registering your evaluation software
1. If it has already expired (1:05)
2. If it has not yet expired (1:32)

Basic Tutorials
1. Main starting screen overview (1:37)
2. Adding a client (2:17)

Miscellaneous Tutorials
1. Updating your evaluation program online (3:02)

2. Adding remedies to your program and customizing recommendation guides (5:30)

3. Reference Screen (2:20)

Backup and Restore your Data
Backing up to a floppy disk (1:18)
Backing up to hard disk (2:16)
Restoring from a floppy disk (1:22)
Running evaluations
1. Beginning a a Traditional Analysis(4:10)
1. Beginning a Simplified Analysis (3:20)
2. Physiology screen (1:40)
3. Remedy Guide, and making a remedy plan (5:25)
4. My Plan screen explained (2:35)
5. Printing reports (4:10)
This tutorial pack is designed to help you understand and more efficiently use the Evaluation software. It is not intended for use in diagnosing or treating health conditions or disease.
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Conceptual Talks
1. Simplified Analysis Conceptual Talk (4:00)
2. New Remedy Planning Concepts (4:20)